Jan. 28: 8th Grade Initiative Banking Seminar


We all like money and it’s important to know how checking accounts and debit cards work. It’s also good to know the importance of

The YMCA is proud to partner with Missouri Credit Union to share these topics with our 8th Grade Initiative participants, plus we’ll have snacks and drinks! If you aren’t enrolled in the Y’s 8GI
program, just stop by any Y front desk to join – you’ll receive a FREE YMCA Membership! JOIN US!

Tuesday, January 28
7-7:45 p.m.
Knowles Y MPR 424 Stadium

For more information, contact Isaac Williams at 761.9504 or

Updated Multipurpose Court Reservation Rules

Effective February 3

Multipurpose Court Reservation Rules


Courts may be reserved the day of by Y-Members for $7.  Non-Member may reserve the day of for $14.  Non-members will also be required to pay a day pass fee to gain admittance to the Y.

If you are not immediately walking on to the court to play the Day of Reservation fee will apply.


Reservation of courts with no fee must be done in person at the Firley Y desk.  A court may only be reserved for free for immediate play and for 1-hour time slots.  The 1-hour time slot begins at time of reservation request and will be rounded to the nearest half hour (14 and 44 minutes past will round down to nearest half hour.  15 and 45 minutes past will round up to nearest half hour).


At 7:18 a.m., Member requests court for play.  Court will be reserved for 7:30-8:30 a.m. 

At 8:40 a.m., Member requests court for play.  Court will be reserved for 8:30-9:30 a.m.

Any time slot requested to be reserved outside of that upcoming hour/immediate play, will require the Day of Reservation Fees.

Members may reserve for a second hour after their first hour reservation is finished. Or, they may pay to reserve their second hour in advance. 


The next available court may be reserved for free if within the hour (if ALL courts are reserved, not just the one the Y-Member/Non-Member prefers).


Reservation of courts outside of the same day are considered Advanced Reservation Fees. These fees are as follows: $10/Y-Members; $20/Non-Members. Non-Members must also pay the applicable Day Pass fee.  Courts may only be reserved 5 day in advance.


Permanent court time reserves a court for you or your group on the same day and time of each week for a 16-week session. Full payment is due when the reservation is made. Sign up must be made at the beginning of each session. YMCA members only. Registration is accepted at the Firley Y.

Fee: $14/hour (Wednesday’s only)

New Classes Coming in February

Monday @ 10 a.m. @ West Y – beginning Feb. 3

Wednesday @ 5:30 p.m. @ West Y – beginning Feb. 5.
Saturday @ 9 a.m. @ Firley Y – beginning Feb. 8

Wednesday @ 10 a.m. @ West Y – beginning Feb. 5

8th Grade Initiative – 8GI

Our Mission

The Y recognizes that as kids face the challenges of adolescence they are more likely to begin distancing themselves from formal organizations, friends and family to engage and experiment in unhealthy behaviors. The Jefferson City Area YMCA’s 8th Grade Initiative (8GI) offers an alternative where these youth can make new friends, discover their passions and begin to develop and cultivate a healthy lifestyle at a young age. As Jefferson City’s leader in promoting a strong mind, body and spirit we want to ensure these youth are set up for future success through an active lifestyle.

Our Program

Any 8th grade student is eligible for a free membership at the Jefferson City Area YMCA during the duration of their 8th grade year. A membership application must be completed for a student to take part. Registration for the program will open at the time of JCPS registration and will remain open through the school year. 8GI members have full access to all three Jefferson City Area YMCA facilities. Specialized programs and classes will be offered for 8GI participants throughout the year. Membership will be effective through July 31, 2020.

Our Goals

•Promote YMCA Character Values of Caring, Honesty, Respect and Responsibility.
•Increase physical and mental wellness.
•Provide a safe and secure atmosphere.
•Establish a sense of belonging in each child.
•Have fun!

How to Participate

A membership application must be completed for a student to take part. Registration will open August 12 and will remain open through the school year. To enroll, the student and a parent/guardian must complete an application at any of the Y’s three facilities. Proof of 8th grade enrollment for the school year is also required. Students who are already members, must enroll in order to participate in the activities.

8GI members have full access to the Jefferson City Area YMCA’s 3 facilities, which includes:
•Full use of cardio and strength equipment
•Group Exercise classes
•Pool use
•Basketball, tennis and racquetball courts
•Specialized 8GI programming opportunitie

For more information, call Isaac at 761.9504 or send an email to iwilliams@jcymca.org.

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