Member Profile-Allen Hollander

At 82 years old Allen Hollander can be tough competition for most YMCA racquetball players. He was member number 31 when the Jefferson City Racquet Club opened and that made him an automatic YMCA member in 1989 when Art and Joan Firley gifted the Racquet Club to the YMCA.

Allen didn’t always play racquetball. He played tennis in high school and college, but after the late Mike McCurren taught him how to play . . . “I never went back to tennis,” Allen said.

He attributes good genes to still being able to play racquetball at 82 . . . his mother lived to be 103. He also attributes it to coming to the YMCA five days a week to work out and/or play racquetball. “Playing racquetball or working out is an appointment I make for myself each weekday,” Allen said. “I truly believe that has helped keep my weight in check and keep me healthy.”

Allen isn’t just a Y member, he is also a volunteer and has served on the Y Board and as the Board President. Allen believes, “We are lucky to have three world class facilities that are fiscally responsible and have no debt.” He also believes strongly in the Y’s Outreach Fund. “I recently told a friend who is on a fixed income about the Y’s Outreach Fund and now it’s great to see him at the Y getting the exercise he needs.”