Spring Referee Meeting

3/7/18  6:00-7:30 PM

Firley YMCA Conference Room – 525 Ellis Blvd.

 Please attend to discuss training, assignments, rules, behavior and equipment and to receive answers to any questions.

All are welcome to attend if interesting in officiating spring recreational games. 

Age 12 through High School, College and Adults are welcome.

Referee Schedule 5.7

Referee Schedule 5.8

Referee Schedule 5.9

Referee Schedule 5.10











YMCA Outdoor soccer Rules Fall 2018

YMCA Futsal Rules

Contract-soccer Outdoors

New Certification and Re-Certification clinics can be found at

Referee Schedule:









Referee Assignor:

Jay Rodieck


The Assignor is responsible for ensuring that referees are available for all soccer programs within the YMCA.

  • Winter Futsal U8-U12
  • Winter Futsal U14-HS
  • Spring Soccer
  • Fall Soccer
  • Summer High School 7v7

Referee certification is not required to officiate within all programs, but is encouraged. Training dates are made available for all officials as well as refresher courses and supervision of game mechanics.

If you would like to be a part of the YMCA referee program, please contact the Assignor to request that your information be added to the active referee list.

All referees are requested to have at least three items: Timer, Whistle and Uniform (yellow jersey, black shorts and black socks.

To Order equipment:

Referee information websites: