Martial Arts

Capital City Open Karate Tournament

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(Ages 6 & above)


Learn traditional Tae Kwon Do techniques, and ways to apply those techniques in free form sparring matches.  We practice open style Tae Kwon Do, focusing on traditional techniques, Poomse (forms) and sport karate sparring.  Our training builds self confidence, discipline, physical fitness, and self defense capabilities.  Advance through the respective belt levels to earn up to the highest rank.  Your head instructor will be Brad Spraggs, 6th Dan (6th Degree Black Belt).

Age Group: 6-14 years-  New student and White Belts
Day/Time: Tuesday / 6-6:45 p.m.

Age Group: 6-14  years – Above Beginner
Day/Time: Tuesday / 6:45-8 p.m.

Age Group: 14 and older – all students
Day/Time: Thursday / 7-9:30 p.m.

Location: Knowles Annex – 424 Stadium
Monthly Fee: $20 Y-member; $40 Non-member