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Safe Swimmer’s Policy

Lap Swim Etiquette

Lightning and Thunder Protocols

Lessons – 5 years and under

Lessons – 6-12 years

Lessons – High School / Adult

Lessons – Private

ATTENTION:During the summer at the outdoor pool, when there are more than 20 persons present during recreational swim time, there will be a 10 minute Adult Swim. Every hour on the hour the Lifeguard will blow the whistle asking all persons under the age of 16 to exit the pool for ten minutes, Adults will be allowed to continue to swim. During the 10 minute break, parents can apply more sunscreen, give the kids a rest/snack/water/bathroom break. This will also allow guards to swim test anyone as needed.

Prolonged, Competitive and Repetitive Breath Holding Activities are NOT allowed. Click here for more information about Breath Holding and Shallow Water Blackout.

The Jefferson City Area YMCA uses the National YMCA Swim Program which stresses safety and skill. At each level, participants are involved in activities related to the following five components: Personal Safety, Stroke Development, Water Sports and Games, Rescue Skills, Personal Growth and Fitness. Classes meet for 45 minutes.

Registration is taken at either YMCA front desk or online at Aquatics staff reserves the right to make appropriate changes to class levels based upon the child’s demonstration of skills.

Make-up & Credit Policy
Parents are encouraged to acclimate new swimmers to the pool environment before their first class. Make-ups are not offered for missed classes. For credit information, please refer to the credit policy in the front of this guide. All credit arrangements MUST be made through the Aquatics office at 761-9007.

Supervision of Children
During recreation swim, an adult (16 years & up) MUST accompany children 7 years of age and under in the water.  An adult MUST accompany children 8-12 years of age in the pool area. Children under the age of 14 are not allowed in the sauna or steam room. Individuals under the age of 14 are not allow in the spa/whirlpool.