Jefferson City Gymnastics is located at the Knowles YMCA and is proud to offer:

  • Recreational Gymnastics
  • Competitive Gymnastics
  • Cross-Training
  • Private Lessons
  • Birthday Parties
  • Parent’s Night Out


SUMMER SESSION: May 21-August 11


Contact Us: or 573.761.9008.

Program Policies and Prices can be found at


SUMMER CAMP (Ages 5-12)

Camp Session #1: June 18-22
Camp Session #2: June 25-29
Camp Session #3: July 9-13
Camp Session #4: July 16-20
Camp Session #5: July 23-27

Camp runs from 1:00-5:00 Monday-Friday, Cost is $75 per camp session.  We ask that participants bring in a snack.  Click register next to any class and proceed to Summer session where you can register son or daughter.



Parent/Tot – (Ages 2-3) – [Register]
Intro to gymnastics for girls and boys. Learn body awareness, balance, and basics. Parent and child participate together. Class meets for 45 minutes each week.

Teddy Bears – (Ages 3-5) – [Register]
Intro to gymnastics for girls and boys. Develop independence while working on basic skills. Child participates without parent. Class meets for 45 minutes each week.

Home School Kids – [Register]
For both girls and boys who are looking for a fun way to fulfill their physical education requirement. Class meets for one hour minutes each week.

Beginner 1 Gymnastics – (Ages 4-6)  – [Register]
Improve strength, flexibility and self-confidence, while perfecting introductory skills. Class meets for 1 hour each week.

Beginner 2 Gymnastics – (Ages 6 & up) – [Register]
For children over the age of 6 or who are entering kindergarten and who are new to gymnastics or still need to improve their introductory skills, with particular emphasis on the cartwheel. Class meets for one hour each week.

Intermediate Gymnastics for Girls- (Ages 6-12) – [Register]
Intermediate gymnastics for girls who have progressed through the beginner skill sets on all four events. Must be able to do a cartwheel without a spot.  Class meets for 1 hour each week.

Level 1 Boys – (Ages 6-9) – [Register]
Designed for boys who are interested in gaining strength and coordination from gymnastics with exposure to all six men’s events: floor, high bar, rings, parallel bars, vault and pommel horse. Class meets for 1 hour each week.

Hot Shot Girls – (Ages 8-12) – [Register]
For girls who have shown the desire and ability for gymnastics twice a week and excel in all four events. Class meets for 1.5 hours twice each week.

Hot Shot Boys – (Ages 8-12) [Register]
For boys who have progressed through the basic skills of the men’s events and are ready to prepare for competitive gymnastics. Class meets for 1.5 hours twice each week.


Heart of Missouri Team – [Register]
Gymnasts with a desire to compete in “HOM” competitions. Coach’s recommendation required. Team works out 6 hours each week. Levels 2 and 3.

USAG Team – Boys and Girls – [Register]
Gymnasts who desire to compete in USAG competitions, have completed a successful season at the previous level and have begun to master the skills for the next level. Coach’s recommendation required. Must commit to workout 9-12 hours each week. Level 4 and up.


Ninja Warriors- (Ages 6-12) – [Register]
Training for young boys in tumbling and gymnastics along with strength building, cardio and crazy ninja skills. Class meets for 1 hour each week.

Tumbling 1 – (Ages 6 & up) – [Register]
Students will work on perfecting beginning tumbling skills, will be introduced to back handsprings, and begin linking skills into tumbling passes. Class meets for 1 hour each week.

Tumbling 2 – (Ages 10 & up) – [Register]
This class is designed for the cheerleader, former gymnast or highly skilled tumbler wishing to maintain or enhance current ability in a fast paced environment. Student must be able to do a round-off back handspring without a spot. Class meets for 1 hour each week.

Speed Class – [Register]
Training for young athletes in any sport. Plyometric and isometric exercises on gymnastics equipment. Core strength development to improve athletic performance. Class meets for 1 hour each week on Wednesdays from 6-7 p.m. One $5 per class; drop in’s only.

Tumble Days/Open Gym
Bring your gymnast for open playtime, while you supervise. No need to make a reservation. Drop-ins only.

  • Friday: 10-11 a.m.
  • Sunday: 6:30-8 p.m.
  • $5/child/visit

Tiny Tumblers Open Gym Days
2632B Industrial Drive, Jefferson City

  • Monday: 3:30-5 p.m.
  • Thursday: 11 a.m.-12 p.m.
  • $5/child/visit