LiveSTRONG at the YMCA


Next sessions begin:

  • August 13-November 5 @ 1 p.m. @ West Y
  • August 28- November 15 @ 6:30 p.m. @ Knowles Y

The Y and LIVESTRONG have joined together to create LIVESTRONG at the YMCA, a FREE research-based physical activity and well-being program designed to help adult cancer survivors achieve their health goals.

 How It Works

  • A LIVESTRONG at the YMCA professional interviews the survivor to determine if the program meets the survivor’s needs and to get permission from his/her doctor.
  • Participants and their family receive a FREE four-month family membership at the Y.
  • A LIVESTRONG at the YMCA professional develops a plan based on the needs of the survivor that incorporates cardiovascular exercise, resistance training, balance and flexibility.
  • Survivors meet in a group setting twice a week for 12 weeks.

The next session is scheduled to begin Feb. 6 @ 6:30 p.m. at the Firley Y at 525 Ellis Blvd.

 To learn more, contact the Y at 573.761.3459 or

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