Facility Rentals
The YMCA offers a variety of rental options for parties, meetings, and special event functions. Please schedule at least two weeks in advance. Dates subject to availability. To rent the YMCA facilities, please call Craig Hall at (573) 761-9003.

Click here for the Facility Usage Policy.

Pool Rentals
To rent a YMCA pool, please call Lisa Dyer at (573) 761-9007.

Gymnastics Rentals
To rent the YMCA gymnastics facilities, please call (573) 761-9008.

Climbing Wall Rentals
To rent the YMCA climbing wall, please call Craig Hall at (573) 761-9003.

Locker Rentals
Lockers may be rented on annual basis. At the Firley YMCA, the full locker fee is $75 and half locker fee is $50. At the Knowles YMCA, the locker fee is $63. At the West Y, the half locker fee is $50, the full locker fee is $75 and the extra-large locker fee is $100. Individuals may use empty lockers and are asked to bring their own locks that MUST be removed daily. The YMCA is not responsible for lost or stolen property. Call Tom Jansen at (573) 761-9014.