Lil’ Dribbler (K-1st)

(Boys and Girls entering Kindergarten-1st Grade)
Boys and girls will play 3 on 3 half court during this 6-week league. Coaches assist in monitoring games. All coaches will be given rules and YMCA philosophy. Participants will learn the fundamentals of dribbling, passing, shooting and much more!
  • GIRLS: (Kindergarten-1st Grade)
Early Bird: September 1-7
Fees: $20 Y-member; $40 Non-member

Registration: September 8-30
Fees: $25 Y-member; $45 Non-member

Games Begin: Saturday, November 5
Location: Firley YMCA – 525 Ellis Blvd.

$10 late fee after September 30.


BOYS (Kindergarten-1st Grade)     [REGISTER]
Early Bird: Nov. 1-8
Fees: $20 Y-member; $40 Non-member
Registration: Nov. 9-30
Fees: $25 Y-member; $45 Non-member
Games Begin: Sat., Jan. 14
Location: Firley YMCA  – 525 Ellis Blvd.
$10 late fee after November 30.


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