Sports Specific Strength & Conditioning

This program is geared toward athletes 12 years and older interested in increasing their strength, power, flexibility and endurance. A personalized plan will be created utilizing the Functional Movement Screen (FMS). The FMS takes athletes through seven tests to identify dysfunctional movement patterns, imbalances or asymmetries and risk factors for injury. Based on the results of the FMS, an individualized program is developed to help improve any faulty movement patterns and asymmetries which will, in turn, allow the athlete to get stronger, faster, and more powerful efficiently and safely. The FMS helps us turn an athlete’s weaknesses into strengths, making him or her more bulletproof in the process. Trainer Luke Lamb is the only trainer in the area who has FMS-1 and FMS-2 certification.

Many elite teams and organizations using the FMS include: St. Louis Cardinals, US Olympic Teams, Atlanta Falcons, Toronto Blue Jays, San Francisco 49ers, United States Military, Seattle Seahawks, NFL/NHL Combines, Stanford University

6-WEEK Session

  • Session: TBA
    Days: TBA
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    Place: West Y @ 3507 Amazonas
    Cost: $350 Y-member; $450 Non-member


Session minimum is 3 participants and maximum is 6 participants. If you have a larger group/team, please call 761-3225 for more information and discounted pricing. For more information, call 761-3225.